Commission Process

There are three big steps in the process. Consultation, a photo shoot, and then the painting. The more time we take up front to plan the painting and the details, the smoother the process will run. There is no cost at the consultation stage. Once we start the photo shoot process, there will be a deposit required.


First, in the commission process, we have things to determine. Who is the subject of the portrait? How many people? What feeling or activity would you like to feel with this portrait. Happy, moody, or a specific hobby? Old fashioned, modern, unique? In the home, a black background, outside? An added floral? A tiara?

What size would you like? Different sizes and number of people will effect the price of the final piece.

How much do you have budgeted for the piece? (Pricing section below.)

Photo Shoot

I work from my own photos. This ensures that I am not infringing on any copyrights and that it entirely my work. I will come to you or meet you on location. I can easily take a hundred or more photos to get just the right look and feeling in the piece. If I need to travel far, there will be an added cost to the final piece.

The sitter/s should be prepared to have lots of photos. They may be asked to do things like “smile with your eyes but not with your teeth” or “look at the corner of the room” etc.

I will choose a few of the photos that I think I can work from and get your input for the final decision.

If you would prefer to sit for a painting, or a combination of sitting and photo, that is possible and would have an added cost.


Depending on the size, the complexity of the image, and the other work that I have, it may take a week to a month or more to complete your painting.

I will send images of the completed image and allow you to make a round of changes if needed. I want us both to be happy with the final results.

Depending on the thickness of the paint, there will be time for the painting to dry before I can ship it safely to you. Ideally, a painting waits to dry for six months to a year before varnishing. If possible, I would varnish the work before shipping it to you. If that is not possible, you may be able to find an artist to varnish the work at a later date.


Every painting is different and I can’t entirely say what the final cost will be until it’s done. But I can give you a general idea of what it will be. Smaller pieces like 16x20 would be approximately $600.

A medium piece, about 24x30 would be approximately $1200. A large piece, perhaps 36x48, would be about $2400.

This pricing is all based on one subject in the painting. A second person will add about 30% more to the price as the faces are what take the most time and energy. Plain backgrounds would be less costly than elaborate interiors in background of the piece.

Other add-ons would be the quality of the canvas itself. Fine oil primed linen would increase the cost.

If you need it in a rushed time-frame, there may be an added cost to bumping it up on the list of work to be done. This is based entirely on my schedule and it may be able to be fast at no added cost if I have the time available and the canvas on hand or in a local store.


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